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Relief Efforts in Istanbul During the Battle of Gallipoli

Relief Efforts in Istanbul During the Battle of Gallipoli

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Lokman ERDEMİR
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University 

Success or failure in a front depends on the situation of the troops and the supply of logistical services. Fulfllment of the needs of the soldiers in the front,treatment of the wounded soldiers and perhaps most important of them all, the remembrance of their relatives left behind are among the important factors of victory.

After the victory won by the nation at the Dardanelles, one of the forgot-ten matters was this issue. Tese soldiers, who sufered a bitter defeat only a few years ago at the Balkans, now showed a legendary defense at the front. Te telling of the story of this legend from the viewpoint of the valor of the soldiers is the expression of only a part of the truth. In fact, the countrymen tried to be incumbent just like the soldiers in the front and they did not hesitate to help the soldiers in the front and their relatives left behind via personal ways or as-sociations. On many felds in which the empire was insufcient due to its poor economic conditions, the people did their best, organized aid campaigns and labored when necessary.

Keywords: Battle of Gallipoli, Istanbul, Association, Woman, Aid
This contribution" The Turkish Yearbook of Çanakkale Studies, Year: 10 Spring 2012 Number: 12, ss. 35-60"