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Çanakkale (Old) Central Hospital

Çanakkale (Old) Central Hospital
Senem Yiğit Karaman

Istanbul Technical University

Most of the Ottoman period hospitals are redundant; some in a ruinous state. They are documents about the period they were constructed in. Possibilities to protect, the hospital were researched. The Project contains the survey of the existing building, investigation for its reconstitution and recommends the partial restoration of the building. Ali kinds of records, written and photographic documentation were investigated, surveying at the site had been done carefully and they contributed to the improvement of the Project. Çanakkale (Old) Central Hospital is a ruin now and it is in dangering collapse at the moment. The structure was bombed during the war, över and över again. Moreover, the building was exposed to fire and earthquakes. The destructive effect of the bomb is stili visible at the site. North and west wings have collapsed and demolished by the bomb. There are small pieces surviving from the timber roof which was covered the building. Therefore, the stone elements and mortar of the walls have been exposed to freezing and thawing cycles, snow, rain water and wind. The restoration project proposes the east and south wings of the building to be reconstructed and the west and north of the building are going to be used as an 'Open Air Museum'.

Keywords: Military Hospital, Hospital, Çanakkale.

This article" The Turkish Yearbook of Çanakkale Studies, Year: 9 Spring 2011 Number: 10-11, ss. 3-24"